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At Foreside we pair comprehensive and customized advice with best-in-class technology to help firms in the investment management space continue to innovate, improve and grow. This is achieved through our proprietary technology as well as some external technology platforms.

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ForesideConnect™: ForesideConnect™ is our proprietary workflow management system for our compliance consulting clients. This state-of-the-art technology allows our clients real-time access to pertinent information related to their firm, such as compliance calendars, risk alerts, filing information, examinations, and much more. This interactive site has changed how firms stay on-task and up to date with their compliance program and the various changes to the regulatory environment, all while working directly with their consultant.



Foreside AdComplianceForeside AdCompliance®: Our internet-based portal facilitates marketing material review for advisor and broker-dealer requirements. Foreside AdCompliance® was designed with the user in mind – whether that be the marketing department, compliance department or management teams. Our software is web-based, functional, comprehensive, and practical. In particular, the system’s primary advantage is its workflow management which allows for customized workflows, collaboration with peers, progress tracking, audit trails, reporting capabilities, a single repository, and disaster recovery. The system is also compliant with SEC Rules 17a-4 and 204-2, and GDPR.


Foreside XchangeForesideXchange®: This proprietary ETF order management system facilitates the create/redeem process through review and approval of all AP orders, including transmission to custodians and advisors.  Experience and feedback have provided Foreside valuable insight to online features the AP community requires, such as the below, all of which ForesideXchange encompasses.

  • Secure log-in with a confidential PIN
  • Encrypted data
  • Intuitive order entry process
  • Restricted security information
  • Restricted security share calculation
  • Instantaneous order verification
  • Final confirmation including funds NAV and cash component emailed nightly and available online
  • Historical record of activity
  • Reporting



FINTRAX®: FINTRAX® is our own proprietary financial reporting system. This system is designed to assist the Foreside outsourced FINOP in monitoring the financial and net capital position of our clients on a daily basis, enhancing our ability to meet FINRA requirements. FINTRAX® runs in the background and extracts, transports and loads a copy of a firm’s current financial data into our database. As the information flows in our system, certain values automatically calculate such as new capital. This system connects directly with firms using QuickBooks.




Cybersecurity Solutions:  Investment advisors, asset managers, and broker-dealers of all sizes are a common target for threat actors for obvious reasons – they possess highly sensitive client information. To protect clients’ personally identifiable information and other financial-related data from potential theft and possible exploitation, all investment advisors and broker-dealers must take a proactive, defensive stance when it comes to cybersecurity compliance.  Foreside has partnered with BlueVoyant to provide access to customized cybersecurity solutions, enabling firms to develop, implement, and maintain a cybersecurity program designed to their obligations. These simple, layerable cybersecurity services are designed to help investment advisors and broker-dealers meet regulatory expectations and help them prepare and protect themselves and their clients from a potential cyber breach. Learn More>>


Software Integrations

Our compliance software platform integrates with these leading solutions:



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