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Personal Account Monitoring Solutions

The manual process of reviewing employee personal trades can be unnecessarily expensive, time-consuming and frustrating for both employees and compliance teams.

Foreside’s Personal Account Monitoring Solution saves you time and effort while increasing accuracy and timeliness of reporting.  This web-based solution enables the electronic capture of employee trades and holdings, and automates the various checks needed to maintain compliance.  Employees access the online portal to review and verify personal trade activity, request pre-clearance approval, and perform reporting functions required by the firm.  This automated solution also reviews employee trade activity to identify conflicts of interest with a firm’s client trading activity.

With Foreside’s Personal Account Monitoring Solution, firms can:

  • Leverage the solution to easily monitor employee accounts
  • Automate annual & quarterly reporting requirements
  • Receive alerts when employee trading activity violates firm policy & regulations

Benefits of Foreside’s Personal Account Monitoring Solution: 

  • Eradicate Code of Ethics violations, such as late reporting and missing information
  • Simplify the employee trade pre-clearance process
  • Automatically flag or auto-deny trades in securities on firm’s Restricted List
  • Receive alerts on employee trading that conflicts with client transactions, such as frontrunning and tailgating
  • Provide a complete audit history of pre-clearances and order attempts
  • Eliminate manual processes associated with an adviser’s Code of Ethics requirements



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