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Registered Product Compliance + Distribution

Are you looking to launch a product? Do you already have a product and are looking for compliance and distribution solutions?

Since Foreside’s launch in 2005, we have been working with asset management firms throughout the world to facilitate compliance and product distribution through legal underwriting, registered rep licensing, provision of fund officers and regulatory administration. We have experience working with all types of pooled investment vehicles such as traditional mutual funds, ETFs, alternative products, closed-end interval funds, and private placements.

In total, Foreside has over $1 trillion dollars in assets under distribution and our consultants are supported by proprietary technology to assist with our clients’ distribution efforts.

Foreside can support products in either a standalone fund model or a Series Trust and will work with your firm to establish NSCC connectivity and dealer agreements, review Marketing Material, provide fund officers and a 38a-1 compliance program, as well as consult with you to design an effective distribution strategy for your product.

Foreside partners with most major law firms, audit firms, administrators, custodians and transfer agents. We also consult with non-U.S. firms as they launch a product in the U.S.

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partnership for growth

We provide our clients the most innovative offerings that help drive their business forward. 

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Consultative + Comprehensive

We see regulation as a catalyst for innovation. 

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We apply best-in-class technology to address today’s regulatory reality and drive operational efficiency.