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Fund Officer Services

Foreside’s Fund Officer model provides a hands-on, tailored approach by placing experienced and independent Fund Officers close to the Fund’s Board of Trustees. Foreside Fund Officers are often exposed to multiple administrators, counsel, and advisors, gaining valuable industry perspective and allowing for a better understanding of best practices.


Foreside can serve as President of a Trust and assist investment managers in cost-effectively managing the business activities and oversight requirements of their fund business.

Fund Chief Compliance Officer

Foreside delivers independent Fund Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) solutions for many pooled products, including open-end, closed-end and exchange-traded funds. Foreside can also provide an interim Fund CCO during a transition period or provide support for your existing Fund CCO. The Fund Chief Compliance Officer will implement a comprehensive fund compliance program with the below attributes.

  • Policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment
  • Compliance log + calendar
  • Service provider oversight
  • CCO monitoring + testing
  • CCO board communication

Principal Financial Officer and Principal Executive Officer

Foreside’s Treasurer Services professionals interact with leading service providers, audit firms, and advisors, and continuously monitor emerging regulatory requirements to ensure your funds remain compliant.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley certification reviews for fund SEC filings
  • Assistance with disclosure control committee structure
  • Assistance with fair valuation pricing procedures
  • Fund contract review
  • Assistance with Contract Negotiations

Anti-Money Laundering Officer

Foreside offers a range of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions. Foreside’s independent fund AML Compliance Officer will conduct periodic reviews of the fund’s AML program to incorporate new or changed regulations and best practice recommendations. Foreside will review the adequacy of the policies and procedures of the AML program and its service providers and assess the effectiveness of its implementation. Additionally, Foreside will design or review risk-based testing methods for the AML program’s policies and procedures, conduct an annual assessment of the AML program and prepare appropriate Board reports. Lastly, Foreside will attend Board meetings as requested

Regulatory Administration

Foreside’s regulatory administration team focuses on regulatory filings, board meeting support and management, and corporate secretarial services. Foreside helps keep our clients compliant with applicable laws and provides best practice procedures and guidance. Foreside’s effective process management is designed to meet latest governance requirements. Foreside will serve as fund Secretary or Assistant Secretary which will conserve valuable legal resources on your side. Additionally, we will handle the filing of proxy statements and related solicitation material with the SEC, attend Board meetings and coordinate record holder research and tabulation processes.

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