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How Advisors Helped Small Business Owners Survive and Thrive Amid Covid

May 13, 2021


Even in the best of times, advisors who work with small business owners know that they often have a particular set of needs and concerns that aren’t shared by other high-net-worth clients. Roiled by the pandemic, this past year has presented extraordinary challenges.

While many advisors reported that clients’ businesses struggled initially, resulting in difficult choices last spring and summer, there were many others that prospered over time. Foreside’s Mark Alcaide, Senior Managing Director, spoke with Barron’s reporter Kenneth Corbin about how we are see these changes impact advisors.

“What I would tell you we’re seeing is the return to customized services, personalized services, for a fee,” Alcaide says, especially when advisors can help clients see how their businesses “should be positioned.”

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