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Foreside has been named top 10 hedge fund solution provider for 2020 by Capital Markets CIO Outlook

April 8, 2020

Investment managers are under constant pressure from evolving government regulations, reporting requirements and changing investor needs. Increasing cybersecurity and due diligence requirements add to the challenges managers must face. The financial services industry needs skilled professionals who have a nuanced understanding of compliance requirements, and technology that can support meeting those requirements.

A provider of tech-enabled compliance and distribution services and solutions, Foreside has emerged as the panacea to the industry’s regulatory compliance concerns. Foreside combines best-in-class technology with customized consulting to help investment management firms innovate, improve, and grow at all times. “We assist our clients by offering in-depth insight into regulatory compliance requirements and help them stay ahead of the challenges. Our clients are often able to significantly reduce compliance and administrative costs by engaging Foreside,” says David Whitaker, President of Foreside.

“Our clients are often able to significantly reduce compliance and administrative costs by engaging Foreside”

Foreside provides asset managers, wealth managers and broker-dealers a range of outsourced and customized business solutions that complement the strategic goals of each client. Foreside’s team of technology-enabled professional consultants bring to the table a depth of experience through which they offer guidance on industry best practices, consultative advice, and transformative technologies. Foreside’s consulting team helps clients design and implement compliance policies and procedures to facilitate meeting their regulatory obligations. Foreside’s practical solutions are tailored to each client’s unique business and compliance needs. Throughout the client engagement, Foreside provides to each client a dedicated relationship manager to ensure that client questions and/or requests are addressed in a timely manner. “With Foreside’s scalable solutions, our clients’ can focus on what they do best which is portfolio management, customer engagement, and other value-added services,” says Mark Alcaide, Senior Managing Director, Consulting Services.

Foreside has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions in recent years. In 2019, Foreside acquired NCS Regulatory Compliance, a comprehensive provider of outsourced compliance and regulatory solutions to the registered investment advisor and broker-dealer markets. With this acquisition, Foreside added 80 top compliance consultants to its intellectual capital.

At a time when distribution and compliance solutions have turned mission-critical for the financial services industry, Foreside continues to lead the outsourcing solutions space with thought leadership, an exhaustive content library, and a rich pool of solutions. In 2020, the company is focused on helping its clients stay one step ahead of the ever-changing regulatory compliance and distribution requirements.

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