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Best Practices in Compliance Training

April 21, 2021


Compliance impacts almost every facet of an organization. For an organization’s compliance program to be effective, the firm must have a well-planned, comprehensive compliance training regimen. Foreside’s Jennifer Hoopes, Senior Managing Director and General Counsel, and Lori Weston, Managing Director, recently authored “Best Practices for Compliance Training” for the Journal of Financial Compliance, published by Henry Stewart Publications.

Even the most comprehensive compliance program is ineffective if staff have not been trained on the program, do not understand the firm’s policies and procedures, and have not been educated on their own responsibilities in carrying out the program. This paper discusses the importance of placing structure around a firm’s compliance training and exploring themes to evaluate such a training program.

The themes discussed include compliance-training program content, audience, format, timing, implementation, documentation, and program effectiveness. Click here to read Best Practices in Compliance Training.