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Call your compliance officer now, says Foreside director, as the ETF rule settles in place



Nash believes that as ETF launches have increased steadily over the past few years, this year could be the best year for listings yet, with the new ETF rule expected to pave the way for that.

The rule provides a common regulatory framework, helping to increase consistency with requirements, and will remove the barrier to entry for new ETF entrants that were previously deterred by the timely and costly exemptive order process. This will give more choices to investors, empowering them with more data around liquidity.

Foreside directly helps firms launch ETFs, including facilitating authorized participant (AP) agreements, offering ETF consulting,  providing fund compliance and financial officers and acting as legal underwriter for ETFs.

“It’s an exciting time for ETF issuers,” Nash says. Foreside acts as a distributor and compliance consultant to mutual funds, ETFs and registered closed-end funds and, in addition, provides front office and compliance consulting services for the fund industry.

Jim Nash, Director, Fund Officer Services, spoke at length with ETFExpress on the ETF Rule (6c-11), the compliance requirements, and what issuers need to know as the deadline approaches in December 2020.   Read the full article HERE.