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57% of Fund Shop Pros Favor In-Office Vaccine Requirements

July 9, 2021

Most fund workers think Covid-19 vaccines should be a requirement for employees who plan to work from their offices, a new Ignites poll finds. Nearly 60% of respondents to the survey conducted late last month believe that offices should mandate such vaccines for all in-office workers.

Human resources teams will have their hands full crafting enhanced employee policies, office safety, as well as offering personal protective equipment. Compliance teams, however, will have to adjust their oversight responsibilities based on whether staffers end up working from home or in the office.

Foreside’s Jennifer Hoopes, Senior Managing Director and General Counsel, shared with Ignites that Compliance staff may also be tasked with monitoring the vaccination policies that companies put in place.

“It’s great for somebody to say, ‘You all have to be vaccinated,’” Hoopes says. “But now somebody has to be responsible for figuring out: Do we make people provide copies of their vaccination cards? Do we have a form where they can self-certify?”

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