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ETF Solutions

ACA Foreside advises ETF issuers and asset managers regarding the regulatory, financial, operational, and distribution requirements of exchange-traded funds.  We closely follow the expanding U.S. and international ETF marketplaces and the rapid product innovation in the market today.  We also understand the various ETF strategies, such as index and active management, for equity, bond, and commodity fund types.  As legal underwriter, ACA Foreside will also be your conduit to the Authorized Participant (AP) community, interacting daily with the APs, on your behalf.

ACA Foreside provides the following solutions for ETFs:

Launching an ETF

  • Start-up consulting (distribution, compliance, financial, operational, and regulatory)
  • Assessment of time-to-market strategies
  • Product development (ETFs, commodity funds or pools, and ETNs)
  • Selection of service providers
  • Website services

Distribution Solutions

Operational Services

  • AP operational services
  • Operational consultation (both domestic and global)
  • Call center
  • AP order taker through our proprietary technology, ForesideXchange®

ACA Foreside works with standalone ETFs, as well as those in series trusts through our partners.

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We provide our clients the most innovative offerings that help drive their business forward. 

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We see regulation as a catalyst for innovation. 

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We apply best-in-class technology to address today’s regulatory reality and drive operational efficiency.