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Foreside AdCompliance®

Repurposing Foreside AdCompliance® for non-financial/workflow management use.

The Brief:

One of Foreside’s clients which uses our proprietary Foreside AdCompliance® system for the review of their mutual fund and advisor marketing materials wanted to leverage the system for creating, maintaining and tracking other corporate documents, such as policies, news articles, and governance documents.

The Approach:

Foreside AdCompliance® is an internet-based workflow management system that is very flexible and can be configured according to the client’s needs. For this client, Foreside set up specific and unique work environments and re-assigned roles within that environment, according to the client’s specifications, enabling their staff to use the electronic annotation software tools to manage corporate documents.  This put control and oversight of the process into the hands of our client’s management team.

The Result:

Foreside re-purposed the Foreside AdCompliance® workflow management roles to facilitate review and approval of corporate documents.  Our client’s management team was able to monitor the document process from start to finish and ultimately approve final versions.  Foreside AdCompliance® also serves as a 24 hour/7 days a week back up repository for the retention of prior and current versions of our client’s corporate documents.




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