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Mutual Fund to ETF Conversions: Is This for My Firm?


During the 2021 ICI General Membership Meeting and Operations and Technology Conference, Foreside and our industry panelists walked attendees through the essential framework needed to help firms decide whether converting their Mutual Fund to an ETF is right for them.  Learn more about the business, governance, and operational considerations of this enormous undertaking that need to be evaluated and leverage the framework shared to help your firm be successful.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • Management of the process requires ongoing stakeholder meetings to identity and walk through all potential issues that may or may not be relevant to your event.
  • Early and ongoing communication is key to setting expectations and outlining your time frame, including your investors and intermediary relationships.
  • Planning for distribution and support to look different post-conversion, and understanding you will be running parallel work streams.
  • Setting your organization up for success under your new wrapper.

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