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Webinar: Can Mutual Fund Profile II Benefit Your Fund Family?


Foreside, along with our partner, DTCC, introduced the Mutual Fund Profile II (MFPII) security database.

Why Mutual Fund Profile II:

Intermediaries rely on the DTCC’s MFP II service to establish CUSIPs for trading on their back office systems.

What will Foreside do for you?

Foreside will connect your funds to the NSCC intermediary landscape by populating and maintaining MFP II data on your behalf. Web-based access allows Foreside users to provide your funds’ most current and critical rules-based information directly to intermediary partners in a standardized format.

What you will learn:

  • What is DTCC Mutual Fund Profile II?
  • How Mutual Fund Profile II leverages predictive analytics, advanced AI, machine-learning and even robotics to capture, analyze and distribute critical data in a smarter and faster way;
  • How this central database of comprehensive fund prospectus and operational rules can elevate your business process.

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