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ESG Practice

As our clients continue to build out their Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) programs, we stand by to assist and advise from a regulatory and compliance perspective.

There is a growing commitment to ESG practices in the financial services industry. Investors have added to their investment decision calculus a heightened awareness of these issues and are often looking for reporting from their advisors, and products within their portfolios. In order to meet investor demand and market trends, many of our clients have established, or are in the process of establishing, ESG policies that outline their commitment to this space. Foreside supports over 200 clients that have ESG mandates or products via our distribution and consulting practice.

Foreside is committed to the integration of these factors into its operations.  In this effort, Foreside has appointed a current senior level employee to be the company’s Director of ESG Integration.  This person is familiar with environmental, social and governance considerations especially as applicable to the company.  This Director periodically assesses the company’s integration of those considerations into the company’s business, determines whether best practices are being followed, develops remedial activities where problems exist, and reports periodically to the Company’s board of managers/directors.  This Director works with Human Resources to institute ESG awareness and compliance training at the company.